Navarik attends the IoT in Oil & Gas Conference 2017

Navarik recently attended the IoT in Oil & Gas Conference 2017, which was held to address opportunities and challenges posed by the development of the Internet of Things (IoT); the addition of sensors and wireless connectivity to previously non-networked devices. This technological shift would allow users increased visibility into usage of previously offline assets, and provide increased data analytics that drive operational efficiencies. Navarik attended as part of our focus to remain at the cutting edge of industry technology, and offer our customers the most innovative solutions possible.

“It was very worthwhile for us to be there at the table as we discuss where this technology can take our industry” said Colin McCann, who attended on behalf of Navarik. “It is interesting to talk to colleagues and see how other industry segments are applying this technology, while thinking about how Navarik fits into this shift.”

This year’s conference took place in Houston, Texas. Although still recovering from the historic floods from Hurricane Harvey, it was noteworthy how well the city had bounced back. “Harvey was understandably the talk of the town, but the conference organized a silent auction for flood relief, and sponsors fundraised to distribute t-shirts with a morale-boosting message.”

Navarik offers the Oil & Gas Industry’s premier inspection management software, and remains committed to ensuring we remain competitive in meeting our client needs with the best available technology.