The Navarik Inspection Platform is a structured data and workflow solution designed to improve efficiency and transparency across the cargo management and inspection lifecycle. 

Automate. Standardise. Control. 

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The Navarik Inspection Platform provides workflow between Schedulers, Inspectors, Loss Control and Accounts Payable. 

Navarik Scheduler

Navarik Scheduler is an all-in-one inspection hub where you can manage nominations, receive inspection results as they're submitted and communicate your inspection requirements clearly and efficiently. Navarik Scheduler improves the time taken to find and process information. It reduces duplication of time and effort per transaction and avoids the need for re-keying of information into structured data sets for use downstream. Click here for a FREE 10-day trial.

Navarik Loss Control

Navarik Loss Control automates a series of industry standard loss calculations, reducing manual effort and allowing loss control to focus on resolving inspection issues and investigating claims.

Navarik Loss Control provides automatic notifications for voyage level losses as soon as discharge results are submitted. Loss Investigations are automatically generated on Navarik’s Loss/Gain Control page, which aggregates all loss investigations for easy review. Users can view all documents and communications associated with the voyage and store notes or relevant communications for the purposes of their investigation.

Navarik Invoicing

Navarik Invoicing provides manual invoicing and batch invoicing options which can also be integrated with back office financial software. For reconciliation purposes all workflow, invoice discrepancies and associated comments associated with the inspection are available for review.