Need help migrating to the Cloud?

Taking advantage of cloud technology can deliver huge benefits to any organisation. From scalability to business continuity and flexibility, leveraging the cloud can revolutionise your business. However, it can be tough to get things right; that's where we come in.

With our extensive experience creating and maintaining SaaS applications in the cloud, Navarik can help you make the most of cloud technology. Find out more:

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Cloud Native

As a Cloud Native company, we can stand up your entire infrastructure, we can do this because our infrastructure is in code.

Because most of our code running our SaaS Platform is open source, or will be open source in the near future, you have guarantees that you can run our SaaS infrastructure anywhere.

On-premise or hybrid cloud

We've already handled security issues, including locality of data, by enabling our platform to run on premise, yet still be managed and maintained remotely. We did this by creating a VPN connection between our data center racks and our GCP VPC using a cloud VPN and cloud exchange.

Scalable and Open

We built on top of Kubernetes, Istio, GCP, Kafka, Redis and React to create our first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) including a mobile ready website with a PWA feature set. .

SaaS architecture worthy of Blue Chip Customers - Kubernetes, Serverless and hybrid on-premise with GCP

Our customers include oil super-majors such as BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell, amongst others. They employ Navarik's software to manage the movement of oil globally, particularly to manage the process of inspecting cargoes during transfer operations. Communication during these complex operations is often an issue, so that's why Navarik's lastest product is designed to help everyone work together!

Our users are business users; they have business accounts, use a mixture of personal and business devices and are often disconnected and remote. They need dynamic, rather than rigid systems to get the job done as unexpected issues can and often do arise.

BYOD - bring your own device

We allow BYOD with Layer 7 security through Istio, Network Level Encryption and OpenID Connect Authentication.

Enterprise Authorization

We support Enterprise Accounts. Enterprises can federate their users and enable single-sign-on (SSO). When employees transition between jobs or roles, their privileges are controlled by the Enterprise through their company account, not through our SaaS platform. However, you can still sign up for a personal account to try it out or just to make you a get it done, either way, we support both.


Security starts with knowing who is signing in. We support Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to help ensure accounts remain secure even if there is a data breach. We also deal with Authorization in a simple way to ensure we transparently reflect permissions to users. This is the first step to ensuring people do not end up with elevated rights by mistake.