Inspection Companies

Centralize your operations with a comprehensive inspection management tool. TIC Systems IMS (Formerly Navarik IMS) empowers inspection companies with the standardization needed for business efficiency and cost-savings.

Manage Your Cargo Inspection Operations With Ease & Confidence

Modernizing your business and meeting client demands can be hard without the right inspection management tool. With TIC Systems IMS, you manage everything, all in one place, giving you the standardization your company needs to drive efficiency.

Gain an overarching view of what’s happening with your work and always know where your data is. With TIC Systems IMS, you get paid on-time, accurately and can eliminate your team’s reliance on emails, phone calls, spreadsheets and faxes.

There’s a better way to centralize your operations. Save time. Reduce errors. Experience efficiency with TIC Systems IMS.

discover TIC SYSTEMS ims (Formerly Navarik ims)

Benefits Your Entire Team Can Appreciate

Gain the standardization you need to empower your entire business to do more. With TIC Systems IMS, your company can gain a new level of operational efficiency, ensuring your team the ability to:

  • Reduce paper documentation
  • Store related data next to your jobs
  • Search historical data and reporting
  • Set role-based access to jobs and auditability

Take advantage of TIC Systems IMS, a unified software solution that gives your business the flexibility and power to run your operations the way they should be run.

discover tic systems ims (formerly navarik ims)

Your company’s inspection software should be secure, legitimate and guaranteed. With TIC Systems IMS, you get all of that and more! Our unified SaaS solution has all of the features your team loves and all of the security features you require, all in one place. With a simple per-user licensing model, TIC Systems IMS is a cost-effective solution that’s backed by 24/7 support options.

  • No installation or server maintenance required
  • Meets GDPR, CCPA requirements
  • APIs available for integration
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Data is securely backed up and failover systems are in place
  • Single sign on options available

Equip your team with the efficiency gains it needs without sacrificing your company’s security with TIC Systems IMS.

discover tic systems ims (formerly navarik ims)

Ensuring data quality is challenging without the right tools and processes. With TIC Systems IMS, gain the simplicity and flexibility you need for better data entry. Take advantage of our software’s easy-to-use data entry forms, checks and specifications, as well as built-in approval processes.

Our software is ISO 17025 compliant.

With TIC Systems IMS, you gain the power to:

  • Standardize client-facing documentation
  • Enter sample data quickly and efficiently
  • Print labels
  • Print lab worksheets directly from your system
  • Catalogue data management (tests and slates)
  • Retain management integrated
  • Gain the approval systems needed for off-spec results

Make sure you get paid accurately and on-time for the hard work your company is doing with TIC Systems IMS.

discover tic systems ims (formerly navarik ims)

As a finance manager, you should always have a complete picture of your company’s financial position, but without the right data and tools, that can feel impossible. Gain the business insight and control you need when you use TIC Systems IMS. With our comprehensive cargo management software, you get a unified view of your company’s revenue and access to reporting across your organization, removing the headache of monthly reporting.

With TIC Systems IMS, take advantage of:

  • Built-in reporting, showing you performance across your organization
  • The ability to connect to external financial systems via API integrations
  • Supported complex invoicing (multi-job invoices, single-job invoices and invoice splits)
  • Billing integrated with your job data, so nothing gets missed

Make sure you get paid accurately and on-time for the hard work your company is doing with TIC Systems IMS.

discover tic systems ims (formerly navarik ims)

Manage all your operations in one place

Save time and money while modernizing your business with TIC Systems solutions. From receiving a job to sending a final invoice the entire inspection process is managed by our software. TIC Systems IMS eliminates the need to maintain separate processes per client or between organizations.

  • Eliminate the paper-trails
  • Unify information
  • Standardize

Managing your operations has never been easier, or more cost efficient.

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Do More With Less

TIC Systems IMS is easy to use and proven to maximize operational efficiency.

As industry experts, we are passionate about equipping you with software that mitigates risks and increases business productivity.

We are your partners for the long haul; we make sure you get the most out of our software, as well as have the business insights and industry expertise you need to grow your business.

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