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Optimize business operations & ensure profitability when you use Navarik VEF’s repository of industry calculations to collect, validate, and report your data.

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A Comprehensive Repository Of The Data Required To Calculate An Accurate VEF

Struggling to track vessel port call logs and benchmark them against previous reports to catch anomalies?

Gathering, storing, and retrieving information is time-consuming, especially when you’re working with limited data and are unable to track industry trends.

Vessel Experience Factor, a compilation of the history of the total calculated volume (TCV) vessel measurements, adjusted for onboard quantity (OBQ) or remaining on board (ROB), to the TCV shore measurements

Navarik Vessel Experience Factor eliminates those struggles, giving you greater data accuracy and providing you with visibility on each vessel’s historical ship and shore volume measurements.

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Gain Timely Access to Accurate VEF’s


  • API Standard VEF Calculation
  • Access Historical Data
  • Data Collection
Two overlapping screenshots of Navarik VEF product.
API Standard VEF Calculation

Navarik VEF automates the calculation of VEF at any point in time using eligible or user selectable voyages.

Access Historical Data

Search for any vessel captured in Navarik VEF and gain insight into any data anomalies that could impact your custody transfer settlement.

Data Collection

Navarik VEF automates the collection of movements from inspection companies so that you can focus on using the data to optimize your business.

Modernization is Easy with the Right Help

When you purchase a custom integration package with Navarik, we’ll help you integrate data from your internal systems (CTRM and SAP) into our software. Navarik is contextually customized to your company and can fit your business needs, no matter where you’re at.

Gain the confidence you need to use Navarik to meet your cargo trading goals.

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While Navarik VEF can equip you to track vessel port call logs and benchmark them against industry standards, you may be curious what else we can do to help your business succeed!

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