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Empower your business with the automation, standardization and operational efficiency you need.

You Should Have Confidence in Your Inspection Results

Navarik Inspection is the industry standard for cargo inspection management within the petroleum industry. Navarik Inspection equips your team with the standardization and real-time data access needed to drive business intelligence.

With Navarik Inspection, you can more effectively identify oil loss claims, reduce off-spec cargos, speed deal settlement and drive better inspection firm performance, giving you the control and structure your company needs.

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Streamline Your Entire Oil Cargo Operation

Feeling overwhelmed by too much data in too many different places? Managing your commodity trading information is much easier when you have access to the right cargo management tool.

Navarik Inspection enables you to control your data with confidence so that you can:

  • Automate loss analysis and voyage reconciliation (2-pt & 4-pt reporting).
  • Automate notifications for off-spec cargos.
  • Increase claimable cargo loss recoveries.
  • Use patented parcel matching across voyages to allow for easy referencing and reconciliation.
  • Automate the generation of claims investigations, including a full audit trail.

Navarik Inspection equips you with the relevant data to back up your claims so that you can reduces the risk of potential loss claims going unnoticed or getting miscalculated.

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Are inefficient manual processes holding you back? Navarik Inspection enables you to automate processes, standardize data formats and keep all information and communications in one place. With Navarik Inspection, you:

  • Get support for custom and industry standard catalogue management (testing, locations - ports, pipelines & inland facilities, counter parties & vendors, products & grades).
  • Gain access to granular event updates of port time logs, etc.
  • Close out jobs quicker using integration, which minimizes hurdles across work streams.
  • Create clear and detailed audit trails to trace any changes across the movement and inspection job.
  • Comprehensive role-based access control and vendor access management.

Navarik equips you with with the right information at the right time to help you add the most value to your organization.

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Want to spend more time on high-value, mission-critical tasks and less time searching through data entries? Discover the power of Navarik Inspection, uniquely built to handle your most complex needs. With Navarik, you can:

  • Deliver timely information to your back office and trading systems, reducing manual data entry and reconciliation.
  • Make better trading decisions based on historical terminal, cargo, cargo quality and vessel experience factors.
  • Reduce demurrage through more timely and accurate time logs.

Get your job done faster & with less stress when you use Navarik Inspection to manage your data, coordination, & communication.

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Gain control over your costs with Navarik Inspection’s comprehensive invoicing tools. With Navarik Inspection you get a unified view of all your invoices associated with each movement or job from multiple vendors.

  • Gain up-front estimation against vendor pricing contracts.
  • Use auto actualization/reconciliation of invoicing, cross referencing against acceptable thresholds to eliminate manual cross checking.
  • Drive accurate billing and reporting with better management of pricing contracts.
  • Reduce the risk of being over or double-billed by vendors.
  • Use electronic invoicing with checks, approval, splits and batching capability.

Make sure you get paid accurately and on-time with Navarik Inspection.

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Your inspection management software should be cost-efficient, secure, and easy for your team to use. Modernize your business with Navarik Inspection, the proven solution for bringing structure and control to your processes.

  • Navarik ID provides you with a comprehensive set of features like SSO, Federation, etc. Compliant with SOC 2 Type II / ISO27001 specifications.
  • Integration endpoints are available for internal systems and BI report tooling.
  • Navarik Inspection has comprehensive role-based access control and vendor access management.


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Modernize your business with the process improvements and efficiencies you need to do more with less. With Navarik Inspection, you can:

  • Bring multiple work streams together through standardization.
  • Easily report across your entire organization.
  • Leverage industry standards & cross-organization cooperation on common improvements.
  • Ensure process improvements, savings and efficiencies.

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Challenged to Do More with Less?

The commodity trading industry can be unpredictable, but the way you handle your business shouldn’t be. Gain the clarity, efficiency, and insight you need when you take advantage of Navarik’s bespoke cargo management tools.

More than just a software vendor, our team is a trusted partner for your success. We help you make sense of your data while providing you with the business insight you need to make better business decisions into the future. With Navarik, you gain a management tool that is:

  • Simple & Flexible
  • Repeatable & Reliable
  • Efficient & Profitable
  • Trustworthy & Proven