Navarik IMS

Confidently Manage Every Aspect of your Inspection Business

Navarik IMS gives you total control of your data. From receiving a job to sending the final invoice, manage your business seamlessly and with the confidence you deserve.

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Make Each Inspection Efficient & Profitable

You can’t afford to waste time managing complex processes with limited or error-filled data, which is why Navarik IMS equips you with a powerful, yet simple tool for managing your entire inspection business in one place.

Discover how you can use Navarik IMS to inspect, invoice, and report with greater efficiency and confidence.

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A More Efficient Way to Manage Your Data

Navarik IMS is a single software tool to manage the entire lifecycle of your testing and inspection business.

  • Complete LIMS System
  • Helpful Dashboards
  • Invoicing API
  • Billing Support
  • In-Built Reporting
  • Powerful Security
Complete LIMS System

Easily create and transfer samples, add tags, create tests and slates, record and approve results as well as generate standarized certificates of analysis.

Helpful Dashboards

View all of your jobs from a series of filtered dashboards and quickly search any job in any status.

Invoicing API

Navarik IMS integrates with your accounting system through our APIs so that all your accounts reconcile across platforms and you never forget an invoice again. Multiple currencies are supported and we can link the FX rate to those used by your accounting system.

Billing Support

Flexible billing modules with role-based separation of duties, activity logging and controls to ensure you get paid on-time and accurately.

In-Built Reporting

For enterprise customers, we provide real time user editable dashboards and reports. We can even stream your data into a cloud provider of your choice. Make faster data driven decisions using all the data your company generates.

Powerful Security

With built-in security, Navarik's software enables you to manage your entire business while keeping your data safe.

Like AmSpec® You Can
Do More With Less

Navarik IMS is a bespoke software solution that’s easy to use and proven to maximize operational efficiency. At Navarik, we treat our customers (like AmSpec®) with the care and compassion they deserve. As industry experts, we’re passionate about equipping you with a customized solution that mitigates risks and increases productivity. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re your partners for the long haul. We make sure you get the most out of our software and are always equipped with the business insight and industry expertise you need to grow your business.


Modernization is Easy with the Right Help

When you purchase a custom integration package with Navarik, we’ll help you integrate data from your internal systems (CTRM and SAP) into our software. Navarik is contextually customized to your company and can fit your business needs, no matter where you’re at.

Gain the confidence you need to use Navarik to meet your cargo trading goals.

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