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Industry standard for cargo owner & inspector nominations

Navarik Inspection™ has become the industry standard for cargo inspection management within the petroleum industry. Navarik Inspection achieved this leadership position by providing the automation, standardization and business intelligence necessary for companies to more effectively identify oil loss claims, reduce off-spec cargos, speed deal settlement and drive better inspection firm performance.

Today, many of the world’s largest oil companies, including Shell, Chevron, and ExxonMobil, rely on Navarik Inspection to manage their physical operations. For oil producing countries, Navarik Inspection also generates a detailed account of the total volume of petroleum exports.

Going forward, Navarik is committed to delivering software and data services that support other energy and commodity areas, such as coal and bulk agriculture products, as well as helping our customers manage Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions data and maintain compliance with new government regulations.

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Functional Overview

Navarik Inspection™ enables the management of the entire cargo inspection lifecycle as follows:

  • An operator/scheduler specifies a nomination through pre-defined templates and standardized quality slates (tests and methods), vessels and ports to nominate an inspection company.
  • The inspection company receives, accepts and assigns the nomination to an inspector who completes the inspection and submits the worksheet, including timelog, into NI.
  • Automatic oil loss calculations and cargo quality checks alert personnel if the quality and/or quantity actuals fall outside an acceptable range.
  • Upon acceptance of the inspection worksheets, invoices are then electronically submitted from inspection companies and get checked, approved and batched for payment processing.
  • A detailed 4-point oil loss analysis and vessel, cargo and terminal trending reports can be generated to help mitigate risk and make better trading decisions.

Features & Benefits

  • Loss analysis and automated voyage reconciliation
  • Automated notifications for off-spec cargos
  • Standard reports can be generated from the central repository of inspection results
  • Electronic invoicing with checks, approval, and batching capability
  • Web Services for integration into 3rd party systems
  • Time stamped record of all major user actions
  • Collection of port time logs directly from the source
  • Increase claimable cargo loss recoveries
  • Respond immediately to mitigate risk or take advantage of potential arbitrage opportunities
  • Make better trading decisions based on historical terminal, cargo and vessel experience factors
  • Reduce the risk of being over or double-billed by inspectors
  • Deliver timely information to back office or trading systems and eliminate manual data entry
  • Clear audit trail for operations
  • Reduce demurrage through more timely and accurate timelogs

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