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    Navarik Corp. // Jun 7, 2024 3:35:13 PM

    In the world of commodity trading, operational harmony is critical for data validation. Involved parties face ongoing difficulties managing data across multi-avenue communication (email threads, phone calls, text messaging, etc). The lack of streamlined processes also subjects individuals to time-consuming data collection practices. The pervasive effects of data fragmentation lead to obscure business insights. Over time, these common struggles can impact efficient decision-making timelines.

    Challenges Prior to Navarik Inspection

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     "We struggled with a few things before implementing Navarik Inspection. The lack of standardization across each business unit translated into a lack of coherency in our processes. Minimal organization systems existed for file retention across the sheer volume of data available. Inspection invoices were unmanageable across our groups due to the volume of documentation. Inaccuracies or little to no inspection instructions resulted in communication gaps with inspection companies and third-party terminals." 

    MPC Survey Respondent, 2023

    Navarik Inspection: Our Solution 

    Navarik Inspection (NI) is a SaaS web application designed to tackle the aforementioned challenges and more. With NI, standardization is possible for your operations, providing order, reliability, and confidence in your data from start to finish. NI possesses comprehensive catalogs for transports, petroleum products, test methods, and locations for a seamless nomination process. Data fragmentation is significantly reduced, as all vital information is neatly packaged alongside the movement. NI offers each counterpart the necessary visibility to carry out their responsibilities unhindered with up-to-date information.

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    "Everything is neatly packaged. It's easy to follow the status of a nomination from start to finish. For sampling and testing data, everything is explicit and it has been indispensable for providing the clarity and visibility for managing our nominations." 

    MPC Survey Respondent, 2023

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    "NI provided visibility into our operations. With an eye across our business groups and their activities, our schedulers could transition and fill in for each other effortlessly. The ability to consolidate inspection invoices helped crate and review internal processes and programs for heightened efficiency. Instructions to inspection companies, third parties and terminals were clear with the use of NI functionalities. In addition to all these results, we acquired a repository for file retention that kept us compliant with US Customs guidelines, alongside our own." 

    MPC Survey Respondent, 2023

    Since implementing NI, a holistic view has empowered MPC throughout its nationwide operations. Structure now exists in a previously disordered system, establishing cohesion within and outside of the organization. By integrating the industry standard, additional bandwidth created an opportunity for generating revenue and growth. Navarik is proud to have played a role in MPC's success and looks forward to empowering more businesses with NI. 

    Navarik Inspection is the Industry Integrative Solution.
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    Navarik would like to sincerely thank Marathon Petroleum Corporation survey respondents for their time, participation, and experiences shared. Their collaboration was instrumental in the success of this testimonial. We are grateful for their trust and look forward to continuing our partnership for even greater results. 

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