Motiva | Building Consistency with Navarik Inspection

    Navarik Corp. // Apr 23, 2024 6:36:51 PM

    Since 1998, Motiva has been servicing America’s energy demands sustainably. Currently, Motiva now owns the largest refinery in North America, also deemed the fifth largest in the world operating at a crude capacity of 640,000 barrels/day.

    With over 35 years in the energy industry, Rick Slaughter is currently the Manager of Measurement Assurance and Loss Control at Motiva. Upon recalling industry challenges encountered, he highlights the difficulty of nominating hydrocarbon movements without consistency. “In some instances, a scheduler may nominate a movement entirely differently from another scheduler – especially if they’re in another part of the country.”

    Having worked with Navarik Inspection across his career, Rick mentions the impact of templates, slates, and snippets – simple, but mighty tools – helping schedulers create consistent nominations efficiently.

    “Within Navarik Inspection, we have opportunities to build templates for individual products and activities, (e.g. load, discharge pumpovers) that are consistent across a whole category of movements. In addition to templates, slates and snippets help us issue nominations with repeatability, combining these three benefits to acquiring standardization and consistent workflows.

    From issuing nominations to our accounting system and then payment, it’s a relatively seamless process that takes a lot of hands away from it.”

    Rick explains further that at Motiva, where 95% of all operations involving inspections or third-party loss control go through Navarik Inspection, the value of the SaaS solution is truly holistic. “It’s not just one feature that brings value; it’s the ability to achieve consistency with every nomination, every time.”


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    Navarik would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Motiva and Rick for their contribution to this testimonial. The feedback and time towards growing our partnership is invaluable and appreciated. We look forward to Navarik and Motiva's growth as we continue transforming the energy industry together. 

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