PetroMar International: Accelerated Invoicing with Navarik Nominations

    Navarik Corp. // Mar 25, 2024 2:07:37 PM

    Headquartered in Stamford, CT, PetroMar International has been servicing the maritime community in cargo expediting and cargo loss control since 1995. PetroMar’s extensive collaborations within the maritime community means they accept vastly differing nomination templates with crucial instructions for their jobs. These instructions can be unclear and additional time must be spent deciphering or seeking clarification to ensure surveyors deliver the highest quality of service. All tasks must be completed in a time-efficient manner, in addition to helping their clients save costs while heeding ASTM and API standards. These are but a few of the overarching issues affecting industry expeditors, like PetroMar.  

    "Navarik Inspection's expeditor nominations have been extremely helpful for streamlining our operations. The clarity and consistency in the documentation have eliminated confusion, allowing our team to follow and execute requests precisely. It is also straightforward during both receipt and submission processes, accelerating the invoicing process by about 40%. When we receive a Navarik nomination, we’re confident that all the information we need is succinctly presented to start on our client’s request."

    Captain Alex Koutsakis, PetroMar International President

    For PetroMar, Navarik Inspection nominations represent clear instructions, efficient processes, and ultimately, satisfied clients. With Navarik as the industry-leading solution among oil majors and regional cargo owners, speak to us about the benefits of integrating with Navarik to kickstart a new trajectory of growth.


    Navarik would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to PetroMar International, and Captain Alex Koutsakis for their contribution to this testimonial. With each piece of valuable feedback, we are motivated to continue improving our products to effectively tackle our user's challenges. Navarik is proud to operate in the same industry space as PetroMar International and we look forward to growing alongside one another. 


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