Navarik Appoints New CEO

    Navarik Corp. // Mar 17, 2020


    Navarik, a commodity shipping and inspection industries software provider, today announced the appointment of Richard Halldearn as CEO of Navarik.

    Richard has been the CTO of Navarik since 2017. He brings unique and valuable knowledge to the CEO position, that being high familiarity with modern technologies and, most importantly, how to apply them in a commercial setting for the benefit of Navarik customers. An example of this novel approach addresses very specific and crucial current customer needs which in aggregate form the new Navarik Bridge product. The result is significantly enhanced Navarik product value propositions and a substantial gain in traction with new customers.

    Prior to joining Navarik Richard had experience working for large and small companies with long tenures in each and significant responsibilities for deliverables. He was one of a handful of leading technology architects at Credit Suisse in a department of 1200 IT staff leading the department to deliver bank wide regulatory risk reports. Prior to this he led a team of highly skilled engineers to re-platform Deutsche Bank's external FX desktop trading platform, Autobahn. Press releases at the time highlighted the work as having direct business benefit for the world's largest derivatives trading platform. Richard has also worked at BP where he tested crude oil and at Morgan Stanley. He has a MSc in Materials Engineering and a MSc in Computer Science.

    Richard loves talking about and solving customer needs efficiently and effectively and has built a team to help him do so. His recent achievements, personal passions and previous experience make Richard ideal to lead Navarik forward.


    Navarik's mission is to be the leading provider of technology products for the commodity shipping and inspection industries by leveraging its on-demand software platform and industry expertise. Many of the world's largest oil companies rely on Navarik's flagship product, Navarik Inspection™, for business process automation and data intelligence to help them optimize trade with their counterparties and achieve better performance from their inspection firms, terminals and vessels.


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